Ever since the 2008 financial meltdown changed the way business is conducted in the development sector, Blueprint Management has systematically taken strategic measures to meet the particular requirements of today’s more circumspect clientele. Well established as a go-to Project Management company – boasting a long list of happy customers in Barbados, Trinidad, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Vincent & Grenadines and Canada – Blueprint now also provides services in Feasibility Studies, Architecture, Interior Design and Procurement. As a logical extension of their procurement capabilities, Blueprint Management maintains an in-house stock of building materials and hardware, a selection of which is retailed through their ‘store within a store’ at the Gajah Home retail outlet. 

The ‘money no object’ days are gone. There are still clients willing to buy or build a $20 million dollar home or office, but they are now much less extravagant with their post-purchase spending. Today’s more cautious investors want to shop around for the best value and the best people for the job, and they have to know exactly what they are paying for. They still want quality in their life, but they need to be sure that they are not being ripped off. This is particularly true in the case of foreign investors who have to appoint somebody to oversee their project when they go back home. Ultimately, it is all about trust. 

Over the last 5-years we have evolved into a one-stop-shop operation that can give our clients exactly what they are looking for, including that vital sense of confidence and dependability. While we can provide any aspect of project management, many of our clients prefer to take advantage of the full turnkey solutions we offer. As well as saving time and money, people value being able to make a single call to get an update on the entire project. This is especially important in the case of procuring fittings and furniture from overseas, which can be a difficult task in a small Caribbean island, but we work directly with a wide range of reliable international suppliers. And all those advantages apply equally to a modest $500,000 house or a multi-million dollar tourism facility. 

We feel confident that we are doing the right thing because so many of our clients come back to us with more work. We are currently managing a new manufacturing plant for Chefette Restaurants after having successfully rolled out several of their latest projects. Similarly, we have been contracted to oversee new projects for other owners who we have previously worked for. In all cases, we delivered on time and within budget. Importantly, by supplying the right kind of materials, we also helped to significantly reduce their projected future maintenance costs. It is that kind of focussed, long-term practical approach that has won us a lot of big clients, including a proposed large-scale health facility in Barbados, for which we have been initially appointed to conduct a feasibility study. Our broad range of jobs includes a new head office for Promotech, and several luxurious homes on the Sandy Lane Estate, Polo Ridge, Apes Hill and similar high end locations. 

Regardless of the size of the project, our objective is to give each client what they dreamed of, at the price they wanted to pay, without any hassle and on time. To achieve that, we find solutions where other people only see problems. 

Joseé Atkinson 

President and CEO