Barbados is a beautiful and vibrant country that benefits from the generous giving of those who care about the island - helping to bridge social gaps, inspire creativity and learning, safeguard the natural world, and create a more resilient society. If Barbados is your new home, or home-away-from-home, here is a checklist to help you give with purpose and impact:

Decide what and who you will give to

What issues are important to you and reflect your values? Are there new causes distinct to Barbados that resonate with you, such as a newfound love for the sea? Take time to research organizations, get recommendations from local colleagues and advisors, and meet with community leaders to better understand the needs and solutions. Involve your family – it’s a great way to better understand your second or adopted home. Or make a donation to the Barbados Community Foundation, or established service clubs that regularly undertake community development initiatives. Barbados also has a generous culture of helping individuals and families in need directly, which you may be invited to support.

Consider what you will give

Set a budget for your annual giving on the island, then decide how you wish to allocate it between organizations or areas of interest. Consider making fewer but larger gifts to focus your impact. In addition to financial donations, are there other ways you can support the issues you care about? Can you share your expertise, harness your network, host an event, or serve on a non-profit board? Considering your time, talent, treasure, and ties, helps you leverage more of your assets for good.

Determine how you will give

In Barbados, most donations are given by cheque or bank account transfer, with larger gifts made by wire transfer. Giving by credit card is not widely available. If you are giving from income or charitable assets on the island, you can easily give directly to any organization. Similar to other countries, only gifts to registered charities are eligible for charitable tax incentives in Barbados, but the incentives vary depending on the charity and whether it is a personal or corporate donation. Please seek professional advice for updated information about Charitable Tax Incentives for Giving in Barbados. If you want to make donations from income or assets held abroad (including those in a private foundation or donor advised fund) that are allowable or eligible for charitable tax incentives in that jurisdiction, seek professional counsel on the best approach. This may include giving to entities that also hold registered charity status in your home jurisdiction or have international affiliates (e.g. The Salvation Army or Red Cross) or giving to local organizations through reputable charity intermediaries such as Charities Aid Foundation or The King Baudouin Foundation.

Be an engaged partner

Get to know your charitable partners on the island, commit to their success, and help them solve problems. And let them know what you need in terms of accountability and updates on their work. Giving and delving into the local community is a wonderful way to deepen your connection to the island and its people and make your life richer too.