Travel, Permits & Visas

International Flights to Barbados

Prior to Covid-19, there are non-stop daily scheduled airline services to major business hubs including New York, Miami, Toronto, London and the Caribbean islands. There were also regular non-stop scheduled airline services to other major markets including Frankfurt, Charlotte and Panama.

Airlines that flew to Barbados include American Airlines, Air Canada, British Airways, Caribbean Airlines, Copa Airlines, Jet Blue, LIAT, Virgin Atlantic, West Jet, Lufthansa, Intercaribbean Airways and several charter flights companies. With the global Covid-19 pandemic, the airline industry has been significantly impacted and, international flights to Barbados have been reduced. However, the Ministry of Tourism has been working on increasing airlift to the island including the introduction of new airlines such as KLM and Aer Lingus.

Visa Entry Requirements

A valid passport is required by all visitors to Barbados. All visitors are required to have onward or return tickets. Citizens of certain countries will require a visa to visit Barbados. Contact your nearest Barbados Tourism Authority office, one of the Invest Barbados offices or click the link below for further information from the Barbados Immigration Department.  Visas are not required for passengers on cruise ships subject to certain exceptions.

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Immigration & Work Permits

The Barbados Immigration Act allows non-citizens to work on the island only if they have been granted a work permit. Certain CARICOM skilled nationals may live and work in Barbados without a work permit. The person has to possess a degree, diploma or professional accreditation and an offer of employment or plan to undertake employment as a self-employed person.

There are no statutory restrictions on the number of foreign employees on the payroll of a company at any time. Foreign workers contribute to and are entitled to social security benefits on the same basis as Barbadian nationals. A work permit is usually processed in about six to eight weeks. The forms and list of required documentation is available from the Immigration Department in Bridgetown.

Barbados now offers Special Entry and Reside Permits (SERPs) to enter and reside in Barbados with little or no restrictions.  These SERPs may either be granted for an indefinite period or for a fixed period, depending on the particular category the individual falls under.

Welcome Stamp

On 30 June 2020 the Barbados Government introduced the Barbados Welcome Stamp. This is a remote work initiative which allows non- nationals employed outside of Barbados to work remotely from Barbados without the need to obtain a work permit. Applications for the initiative are made online. After the application is approved and the requisite fee is paid, the applicant and their spouse and dependents can live and work in Barbados for a maximum of 12 months.

Suitable applicants must have a valid passport and health insurance and earn a minimum annual income of US$50,000.00 from a source outside of Barbados. Additionally, the applicant and their family cannot take up employment in Barbados other than the employment sanctioned by the Welcome Stamp.

Welcome stamp residents are not deemed to be tax resident. Additionally, although the Stamp expires after 12 months, there is an option to renew.

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