Fast Facts

The Business Barbados Fast Facts Guide offers a comprehensive overview of work and life in Barbados – everything from tax rates to visa entry requirements.

Information in this guide was last reviewed in December 2023.

Our Fast Facts Guide is independently checked and verified each year by EY Management Ltd. All of the information in this guide has been carefully collected and prepared, but it remains subject to change and correction. Use these contents for general guidance only and seek assistance from a professional advisor with regard to specific matters.

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Barbados & The World
A Bold Vision for Sustainability and Economic Growth
Trisha Tannis
FinTech & Digital Transformation
Establishment of GovTech as a pivotal part of executing digital transformation mandate
Chris Brome & John Akumalla
Health & Wellness
And Diversifying the Medical Profession Worldwide
Ross University School of Medicine
Barbados & The World
Trisha Tannis
Barbados & The World
Connie Smith
Barbados & The World
The Path to Transformation
Ikins D. Clarke
RUSM graduates are making a big contribution to addressing critical workforce needs around the world.
Business Barbados
Financial Services
Other foreign exchange earning industries in Barbados now have the time to show themselves and grow.
Steve Clarke
Barbados & The World
Coming to the end of a year prompts reflection and renewed focus on how we face the future in Barbados.
Trisha Tannis
The next step in the ongoing evolution of Barbados' role as a major commodities and trading hub.
Carmel Haynes
A look at the strategic leadership in the island’s managed migration process for population growth.
Connie Smith
Barbados is described by many as 'punching above its weight' - an accolade we can all be proud of
Kaye-Ann Brathwaite