Why Barbados?

You'll quickly realize that Barbados offers a winning formula: An idyllic place to live with a fantastic lifestyle for the whole family. But when it's time to get down to work, Barbados is a competitive jurisdiction with everything your business or investment needs to succeed and prosper.

Happy Healthy Lifestyle

Life is good in Barbados. Breathe in the sea air, and enjoy outdoor pursuits like golf, scuba diving and hiking, year-round. Our diverse calendar with cultural events and sporting fixtures, along with world-class restaurants and nightlife, and warm, friendly Bajans, offers a fulfilling lifestyle and endless entertainment. The low crime rate and geographical position outside of the hurricane belt add to our reputation as one of the safest countries in the Caribbean to live and do business.

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Welcoming Business Environment

Our government is pro-business. Many registration processes have been streamlined and can now be done online. Our double taxation and investment treaties make tax considerations straightforward. And you’ll find efficient corporate and financial services, modern infrastructure, high-speed connectivity and a skilled workforce to meet all your business needs.

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Thriving & Diversified

Barbados has a long history of stable parliamentary democracy and a robust legal system, both based on British models. Our prudently-managed and diversified economy is driven by strong public and private sectors. There are exciting investment opportunities across the board – from
Agri-business to FinTech, with attractive tax and investment incentives to sweeten the deal.

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Advanced Healthcare

With the most modern medical facilities in the Eastern Caribbean, Barbados has top-notch private facilities and specialists, as well as a comprehensive public health system. There are two major hospitals and a network of clinics and health centres. International health insurance is widely accepted, along with local providers offering competitive coverage.

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World Class Education

Our 99.6% literacy rate speaks for itself. Free government education is offered in Barbados up to the tertiary level, producing a well-educated workforce. This is complemented by a range of private schooling options, including an International Baccalaureate school. Barbados is home to a campus of the University of the West Indies, as well as several off-shore medical schools.

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Welcome Stamp Visa

Work from paradise. This 12-month work visa, a brain-wave of the Covid-era, is for non-nationals employed outside of Barbados. It enables you (and your dependents) to live here, while working remotely. Welcome-stampers are not liable for income tax in Barbados, and do not need a work permit.

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