Set within the undulating topography of the central highlands of Barbados, the newly re-imagined and redesigned Apes Hill Barbados has opened with a breath of fresh air whisking across the beautiful landscape. Since its acquisition in 2019 by Canadian investor Glenn Chamandy, no effort has been spared to make it the Caribbean’s newest masterpiece and best golfing experience.

“I felt that Apes Hill had the potential to create the best golfing experience in the Caribbean. So, I’m very happy to now be a part of it, as I really love the island and the people very much.”

- Glenn Chamandy, owner of Apes Hill Barbados

At 1000ft above sea level, just slightly below the island’s highest point, the magnificent Apes Hill 18-hole championship golf course meanders through natural gullies and native forests. From its elevated vantage point, the Ron Kirby redesigned course provides unmatched panoramic views of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

The new Apes Hill caters to all levels of golfers, with four tee-boxes at various distances on each hole making the game as easy or as challenging as one would like. Yet, golf is only one aspect of the intriguing story of Apes Hill Barbados.

With sustainability being woven into the very fabric of the experience, the resort has been beautifully conceptualized around nature and preservation.

Fairways wind their way through 200ft deep gullies or perch high up on ridges overlooking superb vistas - while surrounded by rich tropical vegetation, rare flora and fauna, fruit trees and spectacular coral formations – this exceptional golf course is ideally positioned within an enchanting natural wonderland.

“We’re located within one of the Caribbean’s most geologically unique and significant elevations, and we have a responsibility to respect, preserve and enhance the rich natural heritage within our 475 acres.”

- Sunil Chatrani, Executive Chairman of Apes Hill (Barbados) Inc.

Sustainable and responsible practices are evident in the careful selection of drought-tolerant grasses which are irrigated exclusively from a 58 million gallon rainwater reservoir, as well as a plethora of crops and vegetation now planted to replace overgrown areas. Golfers drive around the course in state-of-the-art electric carts, while the architectural concepts and designs of the villas collectively exemplify the resort’s commitment to sustainability and green, environmentally-conscious living.

Offering a ‘Farm to Fork’ Initiative, community outreach programmes, floodlit tennis, padel-tennis, and a state-of- the-art Golf Performance Centre which is the first of its kind in the region, Apes Hill Barbados is much more than a golf resort …. it is a lifestyle.

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