For over three decades, Bayview Hospital has remained committed to providing its patients with exceptional healthcare along with flexible and affordable payment plans. Since its rebrand in 2014, it has invested in state-of-the-art upgrades, including a level two Intensive Care Unit (ICU), to aid with the care of its critically ill patients. This has helped to firmly establish its status as the premier private hospital in the region. Now, just a decade later, Bayview is set to undergo a significant transformation to its operation, that will improve access to quality and affordable healthcare on the island.

Bayview Urgent Care

With the official opening set for August 2024, Bayview Urgent Care will be operated by its team of experienced medical professionals. This technologically advanced facility will feature a 24-hour on-site laboratory, ambulance services, an additional operating theatre and diagnostic radiology services, including a new Computerized Tomography Scanner (CT), and an X-ray machine.

Hospital Administrator, Julie Reid, a registered nurse with over 30 years of international healthcare experience is enthusiastic about the expansion of Bayview’s services. Alongside Assistant Hospital Administrator, Major Marilyn Patrick, and other invaluable and experienced long-standing staff members, they eagerly await its opening.

“The opening of the new Urgent Care Centre will truly make Bayview a 24/7 operation. In the event of an accident or if you’re not feeling well, you can simply come to our facility for the necessary treatment. For more complex conditions that may require additional care, we can refer you to a specialist physician who practices at Bayview Hospital for admission and management. Bayview Hospital has an extensive list of specialist consultants that hold practicing privileges. Our diverse team includes general and specialist surgeons, internal medicine and intensive care specialists, obstetricians and gynecologists, cardiologists, dental surgeons among other specialists supported by full laboratory, diagnostic radiology services and experienced physician nursing support. Your care will be in safe hands.”

This state-of-the-art upgrade complements the cutting-edge treatments the Hospital has become known for throughout the region, from Orthopedic and minimally invasive surgery procedures such as the Kidney Suite to the newly refurbished Intensive Care Unit.

Quality Healthcare

In 2018, Bayview took a pivotal step towards advancing patient care with the opening of its own level 2 Intensive Care Unit. Outfitted with ventilators, cardiac monitors and other medical equipment used to provide treatment to critical patients, this upgrade made Bayview the sole private hospital in Barbados with such facilities.

Pulmonologist Dr Dawn Alleyne, a valued member of the Bayview team since 2015 leads an experienced emergency and intensive care team of Senior House Officers, who specialize in offering care to patients who have had heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure or other life-threatening conditions.

“We offer patients one-on-one care – one doctor and nurse per patient. We are also close to the patient’s relatives, so we can give regular updates,” Alleyne shares. She adds that the overall mission of the ICU is to attempt where possible to “fix all conditions and try to bring patients back to a state of normalcy.”

Reconstructive Surgery

With a focus on patient care, the internationally renowned, well-sought-after plastic & reconstructive surgeons have brought many new procedures to Bayview Hospital including abdominoplasty, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, labiaplasty, breast enlargements and reductions, face and neck lifts, liposuctions, and tummy tucks. Beyond personalised pre-operative consultations, the comprehensive services include meticulous post-operative and thorough follow-up care, ensuring seamless patient recovery.


One of their many specialist Orthopaedics surgeons, Dr Tamara Nancoo is another shining example of the caliber of physicians with practising privileges at Bayview Hospital. Drawing from her fellowship training, the department has introduced advanced techniques such as ligament reconstruction, joint replacement, lower limb and arthroscopic (knee and hip) surgery and a range of other treatments that were previously unavailable in the Caribbean. They have successfully used hamstring tendon grafts, a minimally invasive procedure that reconstructs knee ligaments through three or four tiny holes around the joint, ensuring minimal discomfort for patients.

Their surgical process begins with a consultation. During the operative stage, the patient is provided with a tour of the facility and a detailed explanation of the procedure. This ensures that patients are well informed and know what to expect on arrival.


Leading Urologist Dr Jerry Emtage has also enjoyed a long association with Bayview Hospital, delivering state-of-the-art treatments for obstructive prostate disease, prostate cancer and dysfunctional bladder as well as outpatient treatments for kidney and bladder stones. This equipment is housed at the hospital, and of note, the Stone Clinic located at Bayview Hospital has been making strides in the healthcare system.

The introduction of this Kidney Stone Suite provides patients suffering from the often-debilitating condition with access to advanced medical technology which enables precise and efficient diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care. The suite is equipped with high-resolution imaging equipment that allows the physician to accurately pinpoint the size, location and composition of the kidney stones.

Image Guided Surgery

Continuing with the trend of minimally invasive procedures, Dr. Jocelyn Brookes, one of Bayview’s visiting surgeons has made significant strides in the treatment of varicose veins and uterine fibroids. He pioneered the use of endo-venous laser ablation and radio-frequency ablation techniques in his home country, the United Kingdom. These techniques, which are minimally invasive procedures, use laser energy to close varicose veins from the inside. This innovative technique offers virtually no scars, less bruising and a quicker recovery time has become the standard.

Birthing at Bayview

The highly experienced and trained midwives and Obstetricians at Bayview Hospital provide a source of support for expectant mothers and their loved ones during an exciting yet challenging time. The Maternity Unit features two labour rooms, suite options that can comfortably accommodate the partner and both private and semi-private rooms. The suite at Bayview Hospital is usually a popular choice, as it comfortably holds mom and partner against the backdrop of the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

For the care of newborns and children requiring medical attention, there is a dedicated team of experienced Paediatricians that practice at Bayview Hospital. They oversee the well-being of babies from birth and manage medical admissions for children. For cases requiring surgical intervention, there is also an experienced Pediatric Surgeon.

Medical Engineering Team

Bayview’s state-of-the-art medical equipment is in safe hands with Medical Engineering Services (MES). From regular maintenance to timely repairs, MES is responsible for ensuring the equipment remains in optimal condition to effectively meet the needs of patients. In Barbados, most healthcare providers are faced with a significant challenge as many of the equipment manufacturers were solely based in the US, Trinidad or Jamaica. This changed when Medical Engineering Services, which supports Bayview Hospital, Diagnostic Radiology and Bayview Laboratory along with several other medical institutions on the island was formed.

Bayview Laboratory

Providing 24-hour support services from the Hospital, Bayview Laboratory is a state-of-the-art medical lab which focuses on molecular testing. Starting with COVID-19 PCR and Rapid Antigen Testing, they have expanded their menu to incorporate a wide range of testing which includes STIs, HPV and the Tropical Fever Panel (Dengue, Chikungunya, Zika and West Nile). The lab will be expanding its services to chemistry and hematology, making the support all around for the Hospital.

Medical Concierge at your service

New to the Bayview Group is the medical concierge team, My Health Options (MHO), led by Medical Business Development Executive, Varsha Soomai. MHO seeks to simplify the healthcare process by designing tailored packages to meet patient needs. In addition to maternity, orthopedics and diagnostic radiology services, they can assist businesses with the facilitation of Executive Medicals, and preventative care packages for employees.

Bayview Hospital extends its specialised services not only to the Barbadian public, but also to individuals seeking medical assistance from other destinations. As they expand their facilities with the introduction of the new Bayview Urgent Care, they remain committed to providing quality health care and maintaining their reputation as a premier private hospital in the Caribbean.