Walking into Haymans Market, you’ll be forgiven for momentarily forgetting you’re in Barbados. The scale and impressiveness of the newly opened multi-use ‘market space’, and the diversity of what’s offered onsite are unlike anything on the island. The concept takes inspiration from some of Europe’s famous markets, from San Miguel in Madrid to Spitalfields in London. But as your eyes move through the space, drawn to the familiar views of undulating agricultural land, and further down to the iconic Barbados west coast, it becomes apparent that this could be nowhere else on earth.

Haymans Market opened its doors in December 2023, and is a vibrant new destination offering something for everyone – from early morning coffee to late night cocktails, with a plethora of products and services in between. The dynamic space spans and seamlessly flows between retail, dining, offices, residential, community and cultural/entertainment facilities. Located in the heart of St Peter, above Speightstown, it is part of the exciting redevelopment of the north of the island, and one of the largest regeneration projects in Barbados.

Part of the Sun Group Family

Haymans Market is one of the latest acquisitions for Sun Group Inc., a Barbadian family-owned group of companies established in 1982 that now spans 11 countries with offices in Florida and throughout the Caribbean, employing over 950 people. At the helm is Group Chairman Bernie Weatherhead, with his sons Alfredo and Roddy and nephew Aldo as directors of various divisions of the business. The group’s portfolio encompasses accommodation, transportation, tours, destination management services, airline GSA services, retail, and travel services. This latest undertaking at Haymans Market has been led by Alfredo’s son, Bernie’s grandson – Jacob Weatherhead, making Sun Group a truly multi-generational family affair.

“The business has always been a huge part of our family life. We work well together and have built a company that continues to expand into new areas with the help of dedicated management across our group of companies. With this project, we have now added a third generation as my son Jacob and daughter Vanessa are now on board at Haymans.
We decided to buy Haymans because we saw on opportunity to develop something completely new for Barbados – building on our strengths and expertise in tourism, retail, accommodation and more.”

– Alfredo Weatherhead

Honouring Haymans’ History

Haymans Factory was for decades an integral part of Barbados’ historic sugar industry – producing sugar for export and at times rum. For decades it was abandoned and was then used by the Barbados Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (BADMC).

“It may have been easier, to demolish the factory and start with a blank slate, but for us it was a priority to preserve and showcase the factory’s history and create a legacy that lives on in this new chapter. The restoration process has been an exciting journey. It’s about honouring the building’s past but giving it a new purpose and direction for the future.”

– Jacob Weatherhead

Several features from the factory can be seen such as the impressive crane that was used to move machinery around the factory. Natural light floods into the lofty structure with exposed industrial steel and original rough stone walls juxtaposed with modern décor and finishing touches. Visitors can take a self-guided tour to learn about the history of the factory and the production of sugar and rum in Barbados.

Meet, Eat, Shop, Work, Live

The market is a hive of activity every day of the week. There is a bakery, art gallery, coffee shop, rows of boutiques showcasing local brands – from clothing to candles, and market stalls with fresh produce, food and artesian creations.

One of the first things you’ll notice is the huge 22-foot screen, streaming live sports fixtures, movie nights and other events that draw a crowd, complemented by the roof-top restaurant and bar – The Haymans Social – with the stunning aforementioned views.

Food options range from pop-up fishcake stands to fully-kitted-out restaurants, with some of Barbados’ well-known chefs branching out with a second space at Haymans.

The upper-level hosts commercial office space, occupied by local and international companies and on the lower level there will be a 24-hour gym and fitness centre. For parents of little ones, the onsite nursery school offers drop-in crèche facilities. And just outside the main building are 18 modern and beautifully finished apartments available for long- and short-term rent.

Bringing People Together

Haymans Market is committed to the positive impact it can make on the local community. They welcome local famers and vendors to come into the market, offering a space to sell their produce.

And for tenants with long-term spaces, affordable rent encourages small businesses to grow and expand:

“It’s been fantastic getting to know our traders and seeing their visions come to life. For many of them, this has been the launchpad to scale up their businesses – taking them from home-based or Instagram-based, to having a shopfront where they can interact with customers face-to-face.”

– Jacob Weatherhead

For patrons, Haymans is designed as a flexible space to serve different groups and group sizes – from intimate team building activities, to large-scale events that take over the whole venue. There are two impressive open-air decks facing the sea – perfect for hosting corporate events with separate facilities offering privacy from the main market space.

Haymans has already hosted a New Year’s Eve Party, the National Cultural Foundation’s Ceremonial Delivery of the Last Canes, and is set to host the ACT (Arts and Culture, Community and Technology) Festival in 2024.

Looking to the Future

Historically, development andmcommerce in Barbados has centred in the south and west of the island. The Weatherhead family are proud that Haymans Market is one of the major projects on the forefront of the redevelopment and regeneration of the north of Barbados.

“My first job was managing the Sandridge Hotel in St Peter, which I later purchased, just 10-minutes’ drive down the hill from Haymans Market. So this area is important to us, as a family and as a business. It’s exciting to be leading the regeneration of this beautiful part of Barbados, with something that is creating jobs and bringing visitors and locals alike up here. There are a number of large developments planned for the area, and this is one of the first.”

– Bernie Weatherhead

The spaces we live, work and play in are adapting and evolving. Instead of under-used and wasteful single-purpose units, we need to focus on sustainability, maximizing functionality and engagement with the people that use them. Haymans Market has created a ‘space’ that blurs the lines between traditional notions of what we do, and where we do it. It offers something for everyone, from fruit vendors to renowned chefs, from visitors to locals, and from families grabbing breakfast to corporate enterprises entertaining clients.

Meet, eat, shop, work, live.