Firmly established as a go-to Project Management company – boasting a long list of happy customers in Barbados, Trinidad, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Vincent & Grenadines, and Canada – international award-winning Blue Print Management also provides services in Feasibility Studies, Architecture, Interior Design and Procurement. As a logical extension of their procurement capabilities, Blue Print maintains an in-house stock of building materials and hardware, a selection of which is retailed through their sales outlet.  

Joseé Atkinson, President and CEO

Over the last 5-years we have evolved into a one-stop-shop operation that can give our clients exactly what they are looking for, including that vital sense of confidence and dependability. While we can provide any aspect of project management, many of our clients take advantage of the full turnkey solutions we offer. As well as saving time and money, people value being able to make a single call to get an update on the entire project. This is especially important in the case of procuring fittings and furniture from overseas, which can be a difficult task in a small Caribbean island.

If I had to identify one factor that has contributed most to our ongoing success, it would be teamwork. Within our group at Blue Print, everyone has a crucial role to play. From the architect to the designer, to the engineer, to the project manager, we all have specific responsibilities to make the project successful. But our inclusive approach goes beyond our own company. The owners we work with are key members of the team. Firstly, by outlining the initial brief, then by providing feedback throughout the evolution of their project. We also team up with trustworthy suppliers and contractors who we can depend upon for good service. We have the best people in the right position for each task, we have each other’s back, and we care about the success of the project. By working with people who share our commitment to 100% attention to detail we can deliver excellence.

Our ultimate goal is to make clients happy by giving them what they dreamed of, at the price they wanted to pay, without any hassle, and on time. We feel confident that we are doing the right thing because so many of our clients come back to us with more work.

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