In a world where forward-thinking strategies are key to securing tomorrow’s financial landscape, Clarity Life Insurance Ltd. stands as a beacon of innovative wealth management, offering tailored Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) solutions for global clients. With solutions for clients in Angola, Chile, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Australia, South Korea, and the USA, as well as plans for expansion into additional African markets and beyond, Clarity Life is at the forefront of safeguarding financial sustainability for the sophisticated investor.

Explaining PPLI

PPLI, a form of variable universal life insurance, is uniquely designed to cater to the sophisticated investor or policyholder. It combines traditional life insurance’s protective aspect with the flexibility to own a diverse range of investments, dependent on the jurisdiction and carrier. Clarity Life Insurance Ltd. offers a range of PPLI characteristics that include holding assets such as artwork, intellectual property, structured notes, and real estate, all while ensuring diversity and regulatory compliance as needed.

Offshore Advantage in Barbados

Barbados, positioned as an international business hub, allows Clarity Life to serve clients through its extensive network infrastructure, enabling seamless online meetings and facilitating in-person visits to our offices, courtesy of accessible air transport.

Why Choose Barbados for Offshore PPLI?

Discerning high-net-worth individuals and investors choose Barbados for offshore PPLI due to the nation’s political stability and a robust legal framework, which protects assets through the Companies Act, Chapter 308 of the Laws of Barbados. This framework permits the incorporation of PPLI carriers as separate account companies, segregating their assets from the carrier’s general assets. The country maintains a well-regulated financial services sector adhering to international standards, offering a tax-friendly environment with a wealth of double taxation treaties and the absence of capital gains tax, estate tax, and inheritance tax. This grants investment flexibility with no legislative or regulatory constraints, allowing a broad spectrum of investment vehicles and asset types within a PPLI.

How does PPLI work for wealth preservation?

PPLI structures are intricately tied to the policyholder’s residency, citizenship, and at times, the beneficiaries. This powerful tool enables wealth preservation, asset protection, estate planning, and generational wealth transfer. With Clarity Life, policyholders own the policy, while the investment or separate account is managed by an independent advisor or invested in an insurance dedicated fund. Premiums offer flexibility in terms of timing and amount, and investment gains typically enjoy favourable tax treatment over the medium to long term. Clarity Life’s PPLI goes a step further, offering direct investments in the stock market or diversified insurance dedicated funds.

What are the types of PPLI Clarity Life offers?

Clarity Life Insurance Ltd. offers a spectrum of PPLI solutions:

  • Variable Universal Life: Tailored to comply with IRC 7702 for U.S. policyholders and designed to provide death benefit coverage as needed for non-U.S. policyholders.
  • Frozen Cash Value: Ideal for generational wealth transfer, providing a death benefit based on a percentage of the separate account value (usually 105% - 120%) while freezing cash value at the total premiums paid.
  • Zero Cash Value: Similar to frozen cash value but with no cash value accessible to the policyholder.
  • HARP: Specially designed whole life insurance policies that enable clients with insurance capacity or health challenges to obtain life insurance when they might not otherwise qualify.
  • Deferred Variable Annuity: Creates an annuity payout from the underlying investment account in the future.
  • Single Premium Immediate Annuity: Offers an immediate annuity payout from the outset.

What are the benefits of PPLI with Clarity Life in Barbados?

Clarity Life was founded by professionals with many years of experience in insurance, legal, and finance. The company’s track record, dedication, efficiency, innovation, capability, and partnerships with globally renowned firms like Oliver Wyman, KPMG, and Withers LLP provide a strong foundation for client success.

Case Studies

For a non-U.S. client seeking generational wealth transfer with a moderate risk approach, Clarity Life customized a frozen cash value solution. With an initial premium of USD $6 million, by the fourth year of the policy, the separate account grew to USD $10 million. The client has access to the initial premium of USD $6 million while the USD $4 million gain is preserved for future generations.

Another non-U.S. client with a charitable inclination, benefits from Clarity Life’s tailored approach. They facilitated the creation of a trust dedicated to making annual donations to a chosen foundation for the policy’s lifetime.

For a US client seeking generational wealth transfer and asset protection, with a moderate to high risk profile, Clarity Life customized a Non-Modified Endowment Contract (“Non-MEC”) solution. With an initial premium of USD $4 million in an insurance dedicated fund (“IDF”), by the sixth year of the policy, the separate account grew to USD $15 million. The client has access up to the adjusted cost basis of the fund, while the strategic structuring and management of the policy allows for deferred tax implications.

While each client’s needs may differ, Clarity Life remains prepared to provide innovative solutions that align with their unique financial goals.

What are the considerations for choosing the right offshore carrier?

Selecting the right offshore carrier necessitates evaluating factors like reputation, confidentiality, knowledge, personalized experience, and regulatory compliance. Clarity Life Insurance Ltd., based in Barbados, excels in all these aspects.


The world is in constant flux, from global tax reforms to environmental changes. In this ever-shifting landscape, PPLI serves as a valuable tool for wealth preservation, foreign currency access, compliant tax-efficient planning, and asset protection through separate accounts. Clarity Life stands as the ready partner, offering investors and advisors the means for financial sustainability in the face of global uncertainties, ensuring a secure future for its clients, from Barbados.

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Senior Vice President
Clarity Life Insurance
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