The spirits industry is continuously evolving to be more eco-friendly and Mount Gay Distilleries has solidified its commitment to the same and more. As we face a new relationship with the planet around us, reducing environmental impact while empowering and engaging communities is now of utmost importance. Thus, from soil to sip, sustainability is at the core of Mount Gay’s operations and offerings in its quest to become the leading, high-end, sustainable rum house in Barbados and across the world.  

As a business reliant on the importation and exportation of goods on a small island developing state, Mount Gay is cognizant of its direct and indirect carbon emissions and is working assiduously towards its goal of carbon neutrality through its investments in process efficiencies, improved logistics and packaging, cleaner fossil fuels and significantly, renewable solar energy.  

Sunshine is abundant in Barbados and Mount Gay has employed the use of roof photovoltaic panels to aid in its solar energy generation, while planning for even further expansion into ground solar for increased carbon compensation. Significant strides have also been made at Mount Gay’s Sugarcane Estate in St.  Lucy. Carbon emissions have been cut by using 100% organic fertilizers only. Sustainable agricultural practices have been employed to reduce the reliance on synthetic herbicides, and crop rotation is in full use for its benefits to the soil, while contributing to local food security.

Mount Gay is also committed to enhancing the biodiversity within its ecosystem and has planted food forests, orchards and hedge-rows on its lands. These efforts are not limited to flora but are also extended to our fauna. The African Green Monkey (Chlorocebus sabaeus) remains protected in the nearby Oxford Gully, while dedicated bee-friendly gardens and apiaries have been established for the protection our endangered bees.  Beyond the environment, Mount Gay is committed to the sustainability of its people, both within the organization and in our local communities. With a strong sense of corporate citizenship, employee and community engagement are encouraged through diverse initiatives that directly address identified needs.  

On the more sensitive side, Mount Gay is acutely aware of its social and ethical responsibilities as a rum producer and has embarked on a responsible consumption campaign, where all are encouraged not to over-indulge but to “drink responsibly”.  Sustainability is a lot about learning from the past and making those changes necessary to safeguard the future of our planet and our people. From 1703 until now, Mount Gay has continuously demonstrated its adaptability and is now a true testament to how sustainable our beloved rum can be.