Standing at the forefront of the ever-evolving construction industry, Blue Print Management is a steadfast pillar when it comes to the practice of social sustainability. A name synonymous with quality, high standards and innovation, President and CEO, Josée Atkinson, leads an innovative collective of professionals.

They continue to excel in one of the most sought-after architectural and project management firms across the Caribbean and also embrace and implement a dynamic set of sustainable practices to successfully achieve only the very best results for all involved.

While Blue Print Management’s core specializations lay in project management, architectural and interiordesign, this award-winning firm offers a comprehensive suite of services that includes procurement and extends further to add the convenience of finding quality fixtures and fittings all in one place – at its sister store, Blue Print Imports. With expertise spanning more than two decades, the team at Blue Print Management recognises just how far sustainability extends – going beyond increased energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprint to demand a more holistic approach that permeates every facet of their work. Thus, whether conceptualizing the design of residential home projects or coordinating the development and management of some of the Caribbean’s most prestigious, innovative and advanced buildings and spaces, the company takes pride in sourcing and incorporating eco-friendly, green building materials within their projects, wherever possible.

This commitment to social sustainability continues with Blue Print Management’s intentional pursuit of social engagement within their organization and the community, by fostering healthy relationships with likeminded and eco-conscious suppliers, including a purpose-driven focus placed on female artisans. Further, the company ensures its employees’ health and wellbeing remains joyful and elevated, through a better work-life balance and improved morale; achieved through the provision of a more amenable working environment that incorporates hybrid work hours and an option to work from home.

Armed with the knowledge that better organizational, environmental and employee outcomes can be achieved through more sustainable business practices, and an understanding that such goals are closely interlinked with each other, Blue Print Management successfully achieves their vision for greater social sustainability with an integrated approach that holistically encompasses the core areas of community engagement, economic growth, gender equality and employee upliftment in an inclusive environment.

Josée Atkinson

President & CEO, Blue Print Management
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