Situated on the far eastern fringes of the Caribbean, Barbados, renowned for its storied history, serene waters, and warm hospitality, defies superficial judgments. No longer confined to its idyllic reputation as a playground for the affluent, Barbados has, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, experienced an unexpected and remarkable transformation. Propelled by dynamic leadership, innovative problem-solving, and an unwavering commitment to sustainability, this ongoing metamorphosis has positioned the island as a technological hub.

Private innovators in Barbados have exemplified their capacity to engineer globally relevant solutions. Spearheading the national drive to future proof Barbados is the Ministry of Industry, Innovation, Science and Technology (MIST), with one integral component being Export Barbados, a government agency overseeing industrial development and export promotion. While MIST predominantly concentrates on national digital transformation, Export Barbados operates diligently behind the scenes to overhaul Barbados’ industrial landscape, seamlessly transitioning it into the fourth industrial revolution by leveraging advanced technologies.

Pioneering this transformation, Export Barbados has already initiated the integration of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and automation into its daily operations. Employing AI to optimize property management, the company employs Innovative Industrial Estates, or INEZ, as a tool to streamline, automate, and digitize routine functions, including lease payments, contract issuance, renewal, and the facilitation of online payments directly to the company’s account. This marks just the initial phase of our ambitious programme.

Export Barbados manages over six million square feet of land and more than one million square feet of office space in 13 estates. Collaborative robots (cobots) play a vital role in maintaining physical infrastructure and simplifying space allocation processes. Plans are in progress to deploy grass-mowing bots equipped with sensors to monitor and trim grass when it exceeds a specified height, reducing manual labor and the potential for allergies and injuries.

Future programme phases promise virtual reality tours of lettable space, electronic locks to enhance tenant management, electronic asset tracking, energy-efficient smart buildings equipped with hazard-detection sensors, and predictive maintenance capabilities to preemptively identify and mitigate potential issues with buildings and utilities.

As a crucial element of the industrial ecosystem, Export Barbados is committed to providing the necessary infrastructure for local companies to thrive. Specific industrial estates are earmarked as designated hubs, such as Harbour Estate, set to transform into a technology hub for future tech and robotics companies, with plans in progress to elevate its infrastructure to global standards. Similarly, Newton Business Park will serve as a hub for medical tech firms, and a marine biotechnology park is planned for Colleton, St. Lucy.

Export Barbados has embraced cobots to work safely alongside humans, equipped with sensitive sensors that shift into a safety mode when interrupted, ensuring worker safety. In contrast to traditional robots, which may pose risks, cobots enhance workplace efficiency by handling tasks that could jeopardize lives and well-being. This allows staff to concentrate on higher-value tasks.

High-precision robotic tool at Lenstec Barbados

Export Barbados recognizes the substantial potential for productivity, safety, and security improvements through the integration of cobots in the Mechanics Bay and Spray Booth. Following staff programming, cobots are tasked with activities like spraying, stripping, and sanding, effectively shielding workers from hazardous compounds and eliminating exposure to solvents, paint fumes, and dust.

Cobots also find application at the International Food Science Center, protecting the intellectual property of food manufacturers by handling proprietary recipe and formula details in an encrypted manner accessible only to cobots. These cobots ensure precise quantities, ratios, and mixes throughout the production process without human intervention, safeguarding recipe integrity and intellectual property.

Export Barbados is not solely focused on future-proofing Barbados but is actively shaping a narrative of innovation, efficiency, and growth. By embracing the dynamism of robotics and AI, Barbados sends a resounding message to investors: it is not merely a tourist destination but a burgeoning hub for industry and innovation.

Nonetheless, securing Barbados’ future requires unwavering political commitment transcending election outcomes. Substantial investments in technology, a challenge for a small island developing state like Barbados, necessitate access to international funding, robust regulatory frameworks, strategic knowledge transfers, and the ability to attract and retain future tech companies. These are pivotal factors in maintaining Barbados’ status as a technology hub in the Caribbean.

Barbados has set the stage for a technological transformation that promises to redefine industries and catapult the island onto the global stage. The nation’s significant progress stands as a testament to its commitment to progress and technological advancement. Despite its small geographical footprint, Barbados is bridging the gap between tradition and innovation, attracting global attention with anticipation of what lies ahead.

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