Top 4 Benefits of Sustainable Construction in Barbados

Without a doubt, sustainable construction brings a plethora of benefits, particularly if you are considering building in Barbados. As a small island, we are in the firing line for climate change. The country depends on the climate – for our tourism product, for our agriculture industry, our water consumption and more. For these reasons, Barbados’ Prime Minister, the honourable Mia Mottley, has challenges the country to become 100% reliant on renewable energy sources by 2030.  

From environmental protection, to water and energy savings, improved health and increased productivity, green buildings simply improve our quality of life.  Having recently celebrated World Earth Day 2023 under the theme 'Invest in our Planet', we are reminded more than ever of the need to shift towards more sustainable practices in all that we do.

Construction materials alone account for approximately 11 percent of global carbon emissions and so, cultivating sustainable practices in this industry is extremely important.  Implementing more environmentally-friendly measures into your construction project not only helps with the preservation of energy and other resources, it also reflects in the savings to be found later on.  

Check out some key benefits of embracing sustainable construction in Barbados.

Environmental Benefits

Sustainability is all about a more holistic approach to decreasing the toxic output of pollutants into our environment. By making conscious decisions, such as choosing sustainable construction and implementing methods such as using recycled materials during the construction process, integrating renewable energies, or simply opting for more energy efficient lighting for your new project, you are contributing significantly to the protection of the environment with the long-term benefits that waste reduction and improved air quality brings.

This is not new for us. Barbados has over 50,000 solar water-heating installations, meaning the island has the world’s highest solar-generated water capacity per capita. This should come as no surprise given how much sunshine we receive. And for that reason, we are powering ahead with photovoltaic (PV) technologies – solar panels – to generate power in residential and commercial settings.

Cost Benefits

Green buildings are proven to help conserve and even generate energy. Despite a common misconception that sustainable buildings cost more, their marginally higher upfront costs actually pay for themselves, at least ten times over, in the long run.  It is therefore no surprise that more and more projects are popping up with a focus on being ‘green’, or at the very least, more sustainable, as practices such as the installation of water tanks, irrigation systems using grey water and photovoltaic panels can make way for very healthy savings on future water and energy bills.

In Barbados, users can also benefit from energy growth funds and the waive of duty and VAT on electric vehicles and other incentives, which further increases the financial savings.

Sustainable construction ensures no resource goes to waste and whatever is used, it is less harmful to the environment and friendlier on your pocket.

Health Benefits

While we can always feel good about reducing our carbon footprint and protecting the environment, we can feel great about ourselves when utilizing sustainable construction-literally!  Studies have proven that greener, more sustainable buildings actually provide increased health benefits to humans over more traditional building structures, due to the focus on areas such as incorporating natural lighting and better air quality into building plans which ensures a less toxic environment and helps to purify the air.

Improved Workplace Culture

Many companies across the globe, and here in Barbados are setting their sights on reducing energy consumption and toxic emissions, since not only is it better for the environment in general, it is also a plus for attracting future investors and most importantly, improving upon, or creating new workplace cultures. A workplace environment built around sustainability fosters positivity and co-operation, boosting staff morale and the overall health of employees.  Staff will always give of their best when they feel at their best, so incorporating greener methods such as natural lighting, climate control, ventilation and the integration of our beautiful outdoor Barbados views, for example, into a commercial project design, can really raise employee health, staff morale and overall staff satisfaction, thus reducing leave, lowering the rate of turnover, improving productivity and of course, raising the overall brand image of the company.

Undoubtedly, everyone has their part to play as the world continues to search for ways to implement more sustainable technologies and practices that play both active and pro-active roles in saving our planet.  

The choice in sustainable construction means more than creating a smaller carbon footprint, it means a healthier environment, happier people, real savings and most of all, a future for the next generation, here in Barbados, and around the world.

At Blue Print Management, we are more than happy to help you with your next green or eco-conscious project.  Our approach is to reuse as much as possible on site, dispose with care and recycle what we can. We can advise and source the best renewable materials, technologies and methods to ensure your project is as sustainable as possible.

Contact us today, and let’s get your sustainable construction project in Barbados off the ground.  

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