Continued evolution as we approach 25 years

Upon release of the next edition in 2023, Business Barbados will attain the noteworthy benchmark of 25 consecutive years of publication in both print and digital formats. Although that special anniversary might naturally prompt some cause for celebration, we prefer to see it as an opportune moment to reinvent and reinvigorate our product to better fulfil its purpose, and to better serve you, our readers.

As we move forward with a more dynamic Business Barbados, while retaining the print edition as a key component of the brand’s portfolio, we will now be placing greater emphasis on our digital platforms and re-shaping how we disseminate information. By optimizing the use of our e-book, website, social media, and targeted e-newsletters, our intention is to provide regular content that can stimulate ongoing conversations in the business community – here in Barbados and overseas. Rather than just reporting on current issues, we want to facilitate informed insights and analysis from the top business minds in Barbados.

And we have already initiated our drive to make that happen.

As a first step, I am delighted to welcome Danielle Miller onto our team as the new Business Barbados Publication Manager. Having previous experience in digital and print marketing with two major national brands in London, as well as successfully working as a freelance editor and copywriter in Peru and Barbados for a range of business-related clients, Danielle is ideally qualified for her new role.

Since joining the team, Danielle has worked productively with colleague Erin Brewster, our web designer /developer, to create a new, more user-friendly website, as well as map out an effective content strategy for our digital offerings including web content, newsletters and targeted social media campaigns.

Our primary goal remains the same and is one which we’re confident you share: to promote Barbados as an attractive jurisdiction for international business and foreign investment, and to stimulate interest and growth within the domestic business sector. So we look forward to working on that together common goal.

Join the Conversation

We invite you to browse through the new website, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, subscribe to our newsletter and keep coming back for more. We want to hear from you – please comment on and share our posts, whether you’re agreeing or challenging what’s being said. Let’s use these platforms for ongoing conversations and discussions.

And lastly, join us for our 25th edition. If you'd like to be part of Business Barbados 2023, please get in touch with Danielle or myself and ask to see our Rate & Information Sheet. Our booking deadline is the end of November, so we look forward to welcoming you on board.

Best wishes,


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