In a bold move towards bolstering environmental sustainability and addressing the pressing global need for advanced water and wastewater solutions, Integrated Sustainability / Ecohesion are set to launch a state-of-the-art Centre of Excellence in Barbados. This initiative aims to revolutionize water infrastructure design, construction, and operation in the region, while simultaneously contributing to the global fight against climate change.

The primary objective of the Centre of Excellence initiative is to empower the local region to actively contribute to the creation of a more sustainable future for the CARICOM region. This initiative is designed to offer increased opportunities and comprehensive training for local professionals, fostering the development of essential engineering and consulting skills. By doing so, it seeks to cultivate a pool of local resources adept at addressing the intricate challenges posed by water and wastewater management.

Beyond its local impact, the initiative opens doors and functions as a gateway for local professionals to participate in and contribute to international projects – broadening their horizons, enhancing their expertise on a global scale, and connecting them to a greater landscape of global sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Caribbean Water Management Excellence

Pillars of Excellence

The following focus areas are considered the foundational pillars for the Centre of Excellence. Cumulatively, these pillars will contribute to the overall implementation and success of the initiative.

Remote Monitoring Facility: Embracing the power of connectivity, Integrated Sustainability / Ecohesion are establishing a remote monitoring facility. This facility will enable real-time monitoring of treatment plants connected across the region. The remote monitoring system enhances operational efficiency and allows for swift response to any issues, minimizing downtime and optimizing treatment plant performance.

Operator Training Hub: Recognizing the pivotal role of well-trained operators in ensuring the success of increasingly technical and complex water and wastewater treatment plants, the Centre of Excellence will house an operator training hub. In collaboration with the regional Caribbean Water and Sewerage Association (CAWASA), this hub will provide comprehensive training programs for operators, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to manage modern and complex treatment facilities effectively.

Engineering Department Expansion: Demonstrating commitment to local and regional capacity building, an expansion of the local engineering department is underway. This includes the recruitment and training of local and regional Engineers and Technologists. By investing in local talent, the Centre of Excellence aims to create a sustainable pipeline of skilled professionals contributing to the ongoing development and maintenance of water and wastewater infrastructure throughout the Caribbean.

External Training and Conference Events: Utilizing international and local experts, the Centre will host workshops and training sessions for Operators, Engineers, Architects, Developers, and Contractors. These workshops will focus on sustainable water and wastewater infrastructure design, modelling, financing, operation, and maintenance.

Advanced Drafting Facility: At the heart of the Centre of Excellence lies a cutting-edge drafting facility that focuses on utilizing 3D drafting software beyond Revit such as Civil3D and CadWorx Plant Professional software. This state-of-the-art technology will empower Engineers and Draftspersons to create innovative and efficient designs for water and wastewater infrastructure. The integration of advanced software platforms ensures precision, speed, and adherence to the highest industry standards.

Global Impact and Climate Change Mitigation: The significance of this Centre of Excellence extends beyond regional boundaries. Integrated Sustainability / Ecohesion are dedicated to utilizing the lessons learned from operating at the frontline of climate change to contribute globally. By disseminating best practices, innovative solutions, and insights gained from addressing sustainability challenges in the Caribbean, the Centre aims to become a beacon of knowledge that inspires positive change worldwide.

Caribbean Water Treatment

As Integrated Sustainability / Ecohesion embark on this ambitious venture, the Centre of Excellence emerges as a symbol of commitment to environmental stewardship, technological innovation, and regional collaboration. By focusing on water and wastewater infrastructure design, operation, training, and engineering capacity building, this initiative is poised to make a lasting impact on the Caribbean and globally. The Centre addresses the region's immediate needs and positions itself as a global influencer towards the ongoing actions against climate change.

If you're eager to be a part of this exciting new opportunity, we invite you to connect with us by sending an email to Share details about your background and express your enthusiasm for joining our initiative. As the Centre advances in 2024, we are actively seeking dynamic professionals who are keen to learn and contribute to our shared passion for shaping a sustainable water future for Barbados. Your interest and commitment can make a significant impact on our journey towards excellence.


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