In the realm of corporate decisionmaking and relationship-building, the conventional boardroom has long served as the hub of essential discussions and negotiations. Nonetheless, a growing recognition suggests that, under certain circumstances, conducting business on the golf course presents a distinctive and highly effective alternative.

The game of golf, often regarded as a gentlemen’s sport, has witnessed a deluge in popularity in recent years, with over 25.6 million new golfers joining the ranks in the past two years alone.

This resurgence has transcended the notion that golf is solely the pastime of retirees, attracting a surge in middle-aged players and heightened interest from women. Many have come to appreciate the challenges and enjoyment this sport offers. But why should conducting business on a golf course be preferable to the conventional boardroom?

Fostering Openness and Building Relationships in a Relaxed Atmosphere: The rigid formalities of a boardroom environment can be intimidating to some participants. In contrast, the golf course provides a relaxed and informal setting that encourages open and candid conversations. The rules of the game promote camaraderie and offer insight into the personalities of those in your foursome, eliminating the constraints of conference tables and suits, and making it easier for individuals to express their thoughts and ideas.

Assessing Character Under Pressure: Within the crucible of a business meeting, it can be challenging to gauge a person’s character under pressure. Golf, with its inherent challenges and frustrations, offers a unique window into behaviour when facing adversity. How one copes with the ups and downs of the game can reveal much about their temperament, resilience, adaptability and most important Integrity – qualities that are critical in business partnerships.

Stimulating Creativity through a Break from Routine: Stepping outside the confines of the office can inspire fresh thinking. The golf course provides an opportunity to escape the familiar work environment, creating a mental break that often results in more creative problemsolving and innovative ideas. The change in scenery allows participants to view challenges from a different perspective.

Real-World Decision-Making: The golf course presents an opportunity to make business decisions under real-world conditions. Assessing risks and selecting appropriate strategies on the course closely parallels the decision-making process in the boardroom. Moreover, these decisions often yield immediate consequences, enabling participants to witness the outcomes of their choices.

Extended Time for In-Depth Discussions: Traditional boardroom meetings are constrained to schedules, leaving limited time for in-depth discussions. In contrast, a game of golf, on average, spans several hours, providing ample time for meaningful conversations and relationship building. Participants can explore topics with more intensity without the constraints of a ticking clock.

Networking Opportunities: The golf course is a haven for businessmen seeking to connect with the right contact. While on the course, conversations within your team may be limited, but post-game refreshments in the clubhouse serve as an ideal backdrop for forging valuable business connections.

In conclusion, although the boardroom remains a crucial space for business negotiations, the golf course might be an effective alternative. The golf course serves as a dynamic setting for assessing character under pressure, making decisions, and escaping distractions. Even the length of time required to complete a round of eighteen holes can be beneficial for discussions and networking possibilities; what more of a compelling argument is needed in modern business interactions.

Ultimately, the golf course’s unique combination of factors renders it a powerful platform for successful business meetings. It is also a huge asset for anyone travelling or who has moved abroad to network and meet the local community, as we have seen at the Barbados Golf Club where many Welcome Stampers now play golf and connect with the local players.

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