Founded upon decades of experience and state-of-the-art technological expertise, reinforced by a customer-focused philosophy and strong corporate values, Solar Watt Systems is a cutting-edge company that specialises in the installation of photovoltaic systems. In recent years, Solar Watt has successfully delivered a number of large-scale commercial projects within both the private and public sectors including fulfilling a major contract to retrofit government offices and buildings with solar, as part of the Barbados Public Sector Smart Energy Programme.

Having firmly established itself as a leading installer of Photovoltaic Systems, Solar Watt Systems is fully committed to playing an integral role in the country’s green economy push to save energy and reduce toxic emissions. As part of its adopted mission to educate Barbadians about solar energy, particularly young people, the company has conducted programmes in primary and secondary level schools, teaching students about the different components that make up a solar installation and how they work. These pioneer programmes have made a positive impact on both pupils and teachers alike, inspiring several schools to launch their own renewable energy projects. Solar Watt has installed solar systems at Samuel Jackman Prescod Institute of Technology, Barbados Community College and Lockerbie College.

Passionate about educating Barbadians at all levels, Solar Watt Systems is also keen to raise customer awareness of the benefits to be gained from the Fair Trading Commission’s decision on Feed-in-Tariffs (FITs) for Renewable Energy (RE) Technologies, up to and including 10mW. The FIT will replace the Renewable energy Rider (RER) programme and existing RER customers will be permitted to maintain their existing arrangements with BL&P for 20 years, with their system’s commission date used as the start date. This will be advantageous to customers as it will allow them to see a true return on their investment.

Solar Watt Systems is dedicated to supporting the government on its mission to move Barbados towards a 100% renewable energy island as projected by 2030.