As the world’s oldest continuously running rum distillery, crowning Barbados as the birthplace of rum, Mount Gay exemplifies the spirit of the island. The embodiment of national pride and industry, a cultural icon, celebrating 320 years of heritage and expertise, Mount Gay’s mission remains true to their roots, whilst pioneering spirit innovation and sustainable practices, to ensure the longevity of rum and Barbados.

From Soil to Sip

Mount Gay has not only mastered the art of rum-making but is at the forefront of the commitment to environmental sustainability and community investment.

As a business reliant on the importation and exportation of goods on a small developing island, Mount Gay is cognizant of its direct and indirect carbon emissions and is working assiduously towards its goal of carbon neutrality, through its investments in process efficiencies, improved logistics and packaging, cleaner fossil fuels and, significantly, renewable solar energy. To close the loop, vinasse, the distillation residue of approximately 90% water with some macro and micronutrients, is repurposed in fertigation as a source of water and nutrients. Sustainable agricultural practices have been employed such as crop rotation for soil health and the use of 100% organics fertilisers. Mount Gay is also committed to enhancing the biodiversity within its ecosystem through its food forests, orchards and hedge-rows, while bee-friendly gardens and apiaries have been implemented to protect the endangered bees.

Beyond its environmental commitments, Mount Gay is deeply intertwined with the local community, through initiatives focused on food security, education programs and economic empowerment. Their “drink responsibly” campaign spread around Barbados over the past years acts as a catalyst for positive change. With a strong sense of corporate citizenship, employee and community engagement are encouraged through diverse initiatives that directly address identified needs.

Single Estate Series

From sourcing locally bred sugarcane varieties to the utilization of renewable energy sources, Mount Gay illustrates the fusion of tradition and innovation. The birth of the Single Estate Series, made from molasses derived from sugarcanes exclusively harvested at the Mount Gay Estate, represents a significant milestone showcasing how heritage and sustainability can harmoniously coexist.

In 2015, Mount Gay purchased its original 324-acre estate in St. Lucy. For the first time since the 19th Century, Mount Gay is a fully integrated operation from cane to bottle, embodying the true essence of Barbadian terroir. As Barbadian as rum can be, every element of the Single Estate Series rum-making process takes place in St Lucy: from the Barbadian sugarcane to molasses, to long fermentation and distillation in copper potstills, all pioneered by Mount Gay and Barbados’ first ever female Master Blender, Trudiann Branker. By sourcing all ingredients locally and adhering to strict environmental standards, Single Estate Series not only celebrates the richness of Barbados’ natural resources, but also supports local farmers and artisans. It also champions the use of eco-friendly packaging, further reducing its ecological impact.

Mount Gay’s commitment to sustainability permeates every facet of its operation through the preservation of a beloved legacy of rum-making and the protection of the natural beauty of Barbados, while ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.

Please drink responsibly