“Your wealth – as measured by both possessions and money – should be managed in order to grow or to avoid losing value.”

– www.forbes.com

One of the most important elements of this statement is the word “your”, because the definition of wealth depends not only on who you ask, but also when you ask. The truth is, every individual has the freedom and opportunity to define what “wealth” looks like for them, and typically that definition will evolve as you move through the various stages of your life.

What should you look for in a Wealth Manager?

Forbes states, “When choosing a wealth manager, it is important to find a professional who is reputable and has the right licenses and expertise to give you sound guidance for your unique needs”.

Following this advice will most certainly lead you through the doors of Sagicor Wealth Management, a company backed by more than 183 years of strength and stability of the Sagicor brand. An expansion of Sagicor Asset Management Inc. (SAMI) – Sagicor Wealth Management offers expertise, knowledge, and guidance on investment management services.

Sagicor Wealth Management is committed to providing customized portfolio management and risk assessment to our clients, by offering the highest standards of professionalism.

With over $1.4 Billion (BDS) in assets under management, Sagicor Wealth Management is well established and capable of managing the diverse needs of today’s investors. Our client-centric approach hinges on a comprehensive understanding of the client’s total wealth, desired return objectives and risk tolerance.

Our personal and individualized approach includes a determination of our client’s ability and willingness to take the optimal level of risk, their current financial circumstances, any liquidity needs, and tax considerations, leading to the establishment of a well-defined, and frequently reviewed Investment Policy Statement to guide the management of the client’s portfolio.

Financial security brings independence and peace of mind. Well informed and articulated decisions can help you reach your goals faster and with less costly mistakes or financial loss.

Let Sagicor Wealth Management manage your money for a prosperous tomorrow.

Dexter Moe
VP, Investment Management Services
Sagicor Asset Management Inc.
Michael Millar
Health of Wealth Management
Sagicor Asset Management Inc.

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