With over thirty years’ experience, Dr. Ferrando is an eminently qualified and highly regarded Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeon, licensed by the local government medical authorities in Europe, the United Kingdom and Barbados, as well as being a member of The American Society of Plastic Surgery. For a full list of the surgical and non-surgical procedures offered by Dr Ferrando, visit DrGiovanniFerrando.com

In addition to managing his own private hospital in Italy and a clinic in London, Dr. Ferrando has also opened a thriving practice in Barbados. He sees patients at Windsor Medical and performs his surgical procedures at Bayview Hospital and Premiere Surgical Centre.

While Dr Ferrando is available for online consultations year-round, he comes to Barbados every few months, and has confirmed his availability for in-person consultation and procedures in Barbados over the next few months:

18 May to 15 June*

6 August to 15 September*

3 November to 10 December*

Here's what Dr Ferrando said about offering his services in Barbados:

"My wife Laura and I both feel very happy and 'at home' whenever we are in Barbados. The more we came here, the more we wanted to stay, so it seemed like a good idea to set up a practice."

On why patients should consider a cosmetic or reconstructive procedure in Barbados:

"Barbados has all the right conditions to enable a hospital like Bayview to become a hub for medical tourism and a centre for excellence in all sectors of medicine... Barbados offers a wonderful relaxing and enjoyable environment where patients can rest and recover in peace."

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* Please note the dates above are approximate and subject to change. Contact Dr Ferrando's team for confirmation.