Apes Hill (Barbados) Inc.

Apes Hill (Barbados) Inc. was established in March 2022, with a mission to develop an area of natural history and beauty overlooking one of the most unique high points in the Caribbean.

With its impressive flagship property, Apes Hill Barbados Golf Resort and Community, the company brings together a special community of those that love golf, enjoy bespoke experiences, wellness, and balance. Overall, the company aims to also generate a unique, luxurious lifestyle for all members, in alignment with its core values of sustainability, innovation, excellence, and authenticity.

Today, the company is building one of the most environmentally friendly, luxury golf resorts in the Caribbean and is therefore championing sustainability as a contemporary real estate development. As it pursues an ambitious redevelopment of the property, Apes Hill (Barbados) Inc. is committed to redefining real estate development within the tourism sector, and setting new standards for responsible, luxury island living.

Here's what we offer:

  • Leisure Centre with gym and swimming pool ​
  • Luxury Spa ​
  • Hiking and Biking Trails ​
  • Tennis, Paddle-Tennis and Croquet ​
  • Beach Club ​
  • Farm to Fork Menus​
  • Championship Golf Course ​
  • Par 3, 9-Hole Short Course ​
  • Golf Performance Centre ​
  • Floodlit Driving Range ​
  • Clubhouse with Concierge Service ​
  • Halfway House for Casual Dining
  • Clubhouse Bar and Restaurant
  • Kids’ Club
  • 19th Hole Featuring Lake Island Green

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