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With over a decade of combined legal expertise, Attorneys Anthony D. Francis-Worrell and Graeme A. J. Brathwaite form an impressive and dynamic partnership at Versus Legal. Their commitment to trustworthiness, dedication, and precision underscores a client-centric approach, prioritizing the unique needs of each individual while upholding the dignity of the legal profession.

Founding Versus Legal, Anthony D. Francis-Worrell brings a wealth of experience spanning Civil Litigation, Immigration Law, Corporate Law, Conveyance, Estate Planning, and Family Law. His leadership establishes a foundation where professionalism thrives, and client trust and confidentiality are paramount.

Complementing this, Graeme A. J. Brathwaite is a diligent and determined attorney with a broad legal practice. Qualified to practice law in Barbados and Antigua & Barbuda, he possesses extensive experience in civil and commercially centered litigation within the courts of Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. The Versus Legal team's dedication to accessibility ensures clients have open channels for communication, fostering transparency and informed decision-making throughout the attorney-client relationship.

Key services:

  • Property Transactions
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Estate Planning
  • Family Law
  • Incorporation of Domestic Companies
  • Employment Law
  • Personal Injuries

Key contacts:

Anthony Francis-Worrell Attorney-at-Law



Graeme Brathwaite Attorney-at-Law


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