The Barbados Rum Experience

We created the Barbados Rum Experience to ensure that Caribbean voices were telling the Caribbean story. We put the history of sugar and rum at the forefront of our seminars and work hard to ensure we support local Barbadian initiatives along the way.

Caribbean Academics & Speakers

Too often the history and stories of the Caribbean are being told by visitors returning to their home countries. At the BRE we want to ensure that our Caribbean history of Sugar and Rum is told by Caribbean speakers and academics.

Exclusive Distillery Visits

One of the unique parts of the BRE is our ability to have exclusive distillery visits with members of the distilling teams across the island. Go behind the scenes at Mount Gay Rum Distillery, St Nicholas Abbey and Foursquare Rum Distillery. Discover storied pot stills and innovations coming from each distillery alongside the famed Caribbean Double Retort Pot Still.

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Oct 28, 2024
Nov 2, 2024




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