The fintech ecosystem and industry in Barbados has a tremendous opportunity to collectively grow and become a leader in digital transformation in this important region of the world.

As part of this vision, the Barbados Fintech Roundtable was formed and brought together government officials and key influential stakeholders from various sectors to engage in a fulsome discussion that addressed the future of fintech in Barbados.

The diverse makeup of the roundtable provided for valuable insights and input that will be used to formulate and deliver a robust plan and strategy to be carried forward and enhance Barbados’ fintech ecosystem.

Read the Executive Summary by clicking the image below:

Conclusion and Next Steps

Barbados continues on its path to become a successful and sustainable global fintech hub. The country continues to take bold steps to achieve this vision. Roundtable members will work collectively to develop an interim action plan that will analyse the opportunities and outline actions to move these discussions forward towards implementation.

Several recommendations have been drafted that will help drive the next phase of Barbados’ vision for its fintech ecosystem. The fulsome report has been shared with the Honourable Prime Minister Mia Mottley and her team to seek feedback. The Roundtable remains committed to supporting the work of the Government of Barbados to advance supportive policies, legislation and incentives that will position Barbados as a competitive global destination for fintechs. The Roundtable will strive to meet on a quarterly basis to ensure key goals and deliverables are achieved and that Barbados can continue on its successful path forward.

The Fintech Roundtable included QuestGlobal Inc, BIBA, Invest Barbados, and other government and industry stakeholders.

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