QuestGlobal Inc.

Questrade Financial Group (QFG) is one of Canada’s largest non-bank financial services providers. Established in 1999 as a discount brokerage and known for its flagship brand Questrade, it was the first Canadian company to offer electronic trading to retail traders and, arguably, Canada’s first homegrown fintech. Since its inception 24-years ago, QFG has experienced exponential growth with over $40 billion in assets under administration (AUA) and a product and service offering that now includes securities and foreign currency investment, professionally managed investment portfolios, point-of-sale lending, insurance, mortgage, and real estate services.

In 2021, QFG made the strategic decision to invest in Barbados with a newly formed subsidiary, QuestGlobal. Conceived with a five-year roadmap, the introduction of QuestGlobal aimed to extend QFG’s international reach and support the development of the next iteration of the business’ award-winning trading platform. Driven by several key benefits, the decision to expand QFG’s business in Barbados was an easy one. Not only did the business ecosystem and government prioritization of international investment ensure a seamless expansion process, but the education system and local talent pool offered a wealth of candidates with exceptional engineering, finance, compliance, and trading experience.

Over three short years, QuestGlobal has grown close to 30 team members with extensive expertise in software development and business support services. The company has also established an international trading desk, in-house compliance function, and call centre capabilities aimed at addressing complex customer service issues. With additional growth on the horizon, QuestGlobal is committed to playing an active role in supporting the business community in Barbados and helping to meet its goal of becoming an international destination for technology and financial services investment.

Key contacts:

Praneil Ladwa

Chief Product Officer & Head, International Operations

Arlene Quintyne

Director, QuestGlobal Finance & People Operations

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