As of December 31, 2023, the Barbados 12-Month Welcome Stamp Programme has received 4,937 applications, of which 2,965 were approved (41 per cent family units and 59 single applicants).

From the total number of applications received, 65 per cent were from individuals and 35 per cent from families. A further breakdown of the statistics revealed that 64 per cent of the applicants are male, while 36 per cent are females. Those applying under the programme range from 18 to over 75 years old.

According to the data received from the Barbados Immigration Department and compiled by the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.’s, Research Department, the top leading countries whose citizens are seeking entry under the programme are the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Nigeria, and India.

Those applying under the Welcome Stamp work in various fields, such as Business Management and Administration, Communications, Distribution, Government and Public Administration, Logistics, Health Science, Technology, Law, Architecture, and Sales and Marketing.

Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley, back in July 2020, announced the Welcome Stamp Programme, which seeks to assist in diversifying the island’s tourism product, attract a new type of visitor, and generate foreign exchange.

The Remote Employment Amendment Bill, 2021, which allowed for the extension of the existing legislation governing the Welcome Stamp, was passed in July 2021.

The Remote Employment Act 2020-2023 allows for the Welcome Stamp to be renewed, the fees to be paid, and for the renewal of the stamp for those persons who have been here for a year.  

The 204 edition of Business Barbados includes a feature article on the success of the Welcome Stamp programme, along with a spotlight on a welcome stamp family. These will be published in the coming weeks.