A strategic alliance between Barbados and France, one of the G7 nations, has been announced.

Making a trip to Barbados for the first time, French Minister of State for Development, Francophonie and International Partnerships, Chrysoula Zacharopolou came to discuss France's support for the country in a number of areas. Partnerships were announced focused on sourcing development funding, climate resistance, food security and job growth, among others.

Representing President Emmanuel Macron, the French Minister that that President Macron had heard Prime Minister Mottley's powerful call to G7 countries to take responsibility and offer financing solutions to developing countries, particularly Small Island Development States. She noted that France has doubled its financial commitment to global challenges in the last two years: 

"Our aim is to enforce the support of structural capacities, in vulnerable countries like Barbados, and to strengthen their long term sovereignty. We must now maintain the pressure on everyone else to play their part.

Ms. Mottley praised President Emmanuel Macron’s leadership and voice in support of vulnerable countries. She stated that countries could no longer ignore the issue of the climate crisis, which she warned was resulting in increased poverty and food insecurity for developing nations.

“There is a moment in everyone’s life…just as there is a moment in a country’s life when to stand still will only invite destruction.  We live in a world…that is threatened by too many things now for us to contemplate staying still.  This is not just about climate; it is also about our continued determination to claim development for our people.

“If we allow the threats of climate and the pandemic, and of violence and of the digital divide and of food insecurity to crowd out the traditional ambition of development as captured by the sustainable development goals, then our people will come to suffer, and regrettably, the world is going to become a very inhospitable place for us to live,” the Prime Minister added.

She suggested that global financial institutions were not adequately meeting the needs of developing countries, while pointing out that middle income countries were at risk of pauperisation because of the climate crisis, the pandemic and other exogenous shocks, including rising oil prices and inflation.

Meanwhile, Minister Zacharopoulou lauded Prime Minister Mottley for her “huge” contribution to global awareness around climate justice and the need for increased financing opportunities for vulnerable states.  

The French Minister said France shares Barbados’ assessment regarding the major global challenges. Ms. Zacharopoulou, who was the first French Minister to visit Bridgetown on official business, was on a one-day trip to the island for talks with Prime Minister Mottley and other government officials.